Solana’s main P2E competitor DeFi Land launches its first play-and-earn game

DeFi Land, the third largest game on the Solana blockchain, will launch a new type of play-and-earn game on May 18 at 20:00 UTC. DeFi Land’s current ecosystem has no play-to-earn elements, but it already has more than 7,500 daily active users who want to have fun running a farm.

The DeFi Land ecosystem has gained momentum. The original version without monetary rewards has received tremendous support from blockchain game ecosystems. In addition, DeFi Land managed to become the third largest game in terms of market capitalization and still holds the title of the first gamification project built on Solana.

With 7,500 DAUs and 25,000 MAUs, DeFi Land continues to climb in the overall ranking. The team is preparing to introduce the first play-and-earn game mechanic of its kind, which will make things much more exciting. Ecosystem users will be able to fish, shoot, farm, drive combines, take care of pets, etc.

Since everyone has had some experience with farming games in their online lives – on social networks or otherwise – DeFi Land has tremendous potential to be a very accessible game. The various activities and solid foundation pave the way for wide acceptance of this game mechanic.

As a reward, players will receive the native $DFL token and the new in-game currency $GOLDY. With these currencies, players can upgrade their in-game NFTs-the collection sold out in 16 seconds on launch day, raising $1.75 million, and recently the price has increased 2.5 times in OpenSea and Magic Eden-or customize, create, repair, and socially interact with others. Access to gaming and earning functions requires possession of a DeFi Land Gen-0 NFT.

In addition, players can enter DeFi Land without starting capital. In the free-to-play mode, players can earn experience points and climb the leaderboard to participate in monthly rewards, including DFL, GOLDY and in-game NFT. Incentives through a free-to-play approach increase the attractiveness of DeFi Land, and the strong support for play without incentives shows that there is long-term sustainability.

The announcement of play-and-earn mechanics follows a collaboration between DeFi Land and STEPN.

DeFi Land plans to explore a multi-chain future in the coming months, with further announcements regarding chain integrations to follow in June. An alpha mobile version of the game is in development, scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2022.

About DeFi Land

DeFi Land is a multi-chain agricultural simulation web game designed to make decentralized finance fun. The game has all the features of traditional platforms, but is set in a single location. DeFi Land turns decentralized finance into a game by turning investment activities into games.


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